Daze of Love

by Karmen Buttler

Release date- April 14, 2014.

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Daze of Love is a unique effort conceived and performed by Karmen and her father, Dan Buttler. All arrangements and parts for this full 13-track album were played exclusively by Karmen and Dan over the course of a 4-day recording marathon at TRI Studios in San Rafael Ca.  It is a true collaboration between a father and daughter who have been musical partners for more than 20 years. Live performances to promote Daze of Love are being planned beginning April 2014, and through the summer/fall seasons. 


All songs written by Karmen Buttler except Peep Toes which was written by Karmen Buttler and Jennifer Mattern

All arrangements and parts written by Karmen and Dan Buttler

Karmen Buttler- Vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar, electric guitars and lead acoustic on “Winter”

Dan Buttler- piano, bass, lead electric guitars, lead/fingerpicked acoustic guitar

Recorded and engineered by Rick Vargas at TRI Studios, San Rafael Ca.

Produced by Karmen, Dan Buttler and Rick Vargas

Mixed by Rick Vargas at 25th Street Studio, Oakland Ca.

Mastered by John Schimpf at 25th Street Studio

Album photography- Claudine Gossett

Album artwork/layout- Mark Neely

Thank Yous

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