Something Special


In ancient thought, music was considered the first medicine. It's hard to listen to Karmen Buttler's new album "Daze of Love" and think the ancients were wrong. Listening, I shed layers of protection, layers of negativity, drawing me closer to my simple self, where I am both most alone physically, but most complete soulfully. Her music taps into a well that I remember from a long time ago, whether a childhood happiness or something else, something beyond time, a place where music can teleport us, a place filled of courage and agelessness, maybe a state where we conquer death, for the moment, or at least for as long as I listen to her album. 


It's an intimate experience, listening to Karmen. She is patient, nurturing, insightful, and most of all, compassionate. Her kindness is actually tangible, with melodies that support the vocal, creating well-balanced, harmonious, uplifting tracks. She is not on the 'edge of something great' with "Daze of Love" - she is beyond great, healing, magical. 


The purity of her voice isn't simply her captivating, smooth tonal quality, you can feel her heart, her   merciful spirit, the gentleness of strength, the nurturing care of a playful confidence, an easy-going power that moves. Karmen's music opens my heart, not figuratively, but actually opens it… her pure trueness, it's real, as if her connection of words and melody, creating song, open a space for me to experience that beautiful unity. 


Ride through floating words that touch parts of your heart that need healing. That's it, in fact. She heals with her sweet vocals, calming tone, inspirational messages, themes and virtue. An innocence that we all need to be reminded of, a rebirthing that I wish I could experience more often in today's world. She let's me travel, journey within to experience the silence of sound. Thank you, Karmen Buttler. You just made the world a better place with "Daze of Love." 


-James Houston White

Founder of ICONS UNITE