8/28/14 Listen Up! - Curve Magazine review

"...get this event on your radar: The Northern California Women’s Music Festival. This year’s festival includes a concert featuring women performers from Northern California..."

7/22/14 The Bay Bridged review

"...It’s difficult to find an artist who truly masters the modest nature of having a guitar, a mic, and their voice. However, Buttler navigates the crux perfectly, seeming to shine above the masses of singer-songwriters who fill café open mics."

5/22/14 Curve Magazine review

"...At times reminiscent of artists like Sarah McLachlan and Suzanne Vega, Buttler has produced an album of 13 easy listening tracks that propel you into an instant state of bliss. Overall there is a clever simplicity to Buttler’s music, which creates a sense of timelessness; with her smoky voice and adept guitar playing she takes the listener on an emotional ride that one wishes will never end."

5/5/14 James White of Icon's Unite review

"...It’s an intimate experience, listening to Karmen. She is patient, nurturing, insightful, and most of all, compassionate. Her kindness is actually tangible, with melodies that support the vocal, creating well-balanced, harmonious, uplifting tracks. She is not on the ‘edge of something great’ with “Daze of Love” - she is beyond great, healing, magical. "